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Trip to Atlantic City

Casinos, Spas, Nightlife, Fine dining: you name it Atlantic city has it all

Atlantic City of Atlantic County, New Jersey is a well-known city for shopping fine dining and gambling. Atlanta city was also the inspiration for the board game ‘Monopoly’.

When did Atlantic City come to be?

Trip to Atlantic City

Atlantic City was made a city like we see today on May 1st 1854. The first boardwalk was built in 1870 as something to help hotel owners keep sand out of their hotel lobbies. The first official road here too was built in 1870 and had a fee of 0.30 dollars for its use as toll. In 1878 the Philadelphia-Atlantic railroad was constructed to transport the swelling number of tourists to Atlantic City. The 1920s were called the golden years of Atlantic City when gambling and liquor were extravagant.

Things to do in the city-

Atlantic City is home to a number of world class hotels and resorts. It also has a number of discotheques and other happening places to be. It has a rampant and lively nightlife.

Atlantic City is home to many casinos ranging from the small ones to mega casinos on the coast and inland with spectacular views. The majority of the casinos in Atlantic City are supposed to have a minimum of 500 rooms with most of them having even more. Besides this, there are four small 200 room casinos that started in the early part of 2010 to compensate for the economic depression.

The city makes almost all its revenue from these casinos and Atlantic City is second only to Las Vegas in the number of casinos, it has. The Revenue created from sources other than gaming amount to just 30% of the total gaming revenue of Atlantic City.

Water sports are another attraction in the city whose resorts are almost uncountable. You can enjoy everything from jet skiing to deep sea diving in Atlantic City.

A number of new resorts and hotels as well as casinos are being constructed and are scheduled to open shortly in Atlantic City.

Where is the city located?

Atlantic City is located to the southwest of the country on Absecon Island. It covers a total are of 45 square km of which 30 is land and the rest is water.

How is the climate?

Atlantic City has a humid climate that is subtropical in nature. Summers are warm and humid averaging around 18–32 °C and winters average -2 –8 °C making it a very pleasant climate to have. Spring and autumn are mild.

It receives an average of 16 inches of snowfall and almost no rain.

How to get to Atlantic City?

All major ways of transport connect Atlantic City to the rest of the country with an effective rail service. The highways are another very frequently used connection with quite a few major expressways connecting the city with other cities. Atlantic City International airport is located 14 km from the heart of the city.

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